High Mountain Wind Meditation

"Let the weight of the world fall away," relax your mind, and feel the peace inside....

Layne teaches Open Meditation, an ongoing, open meditation group, twice a month in Redding, California. This Redding group may be held every week in the future, and we will post that change when it occurs. People of all levels of experience are welcome.

There are several meditations per evening, always done with guidance and instruction. There is time during the evening between practices for questions and discussion as needed or desired. The central meditation involves both shamatha and vipassana practices. In the central meditation, we use breath as the focus to quiet the mind and go within (stage 1) and sit in stillness and presence, simply being with what is (stage 2). Other techniques used during the evenings involve the three main modalities: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Sometimes we do mantra, and there are often some pranayam exercises. There is often a guided healing meditation during the evening. We close with a dedication.

Both carpeted floor sitting and chair sitting are available. Bring your favorite cushion and perhaps a blanket (for leg padding) if you prefer the floor. Layne always sits on the floor, so you will not be the only one!

Open Meditation - When, Where, and How Much

Open Meditation is held on the first and third Thursday nights of each month, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

The suggested donation is $8. (No one is turned away for shortage or lack of funds.) Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and help to maintain these meditations.

These meditations are held at the Celestine Center, Cypress Square, at Athens and Locust in Redding, California, around the east corner of Orchard Nutrition, between Shasta Creations and Balance Yoga.


A Facebook event listing goes up a few days before each meditation session, and there is also an email list for reminders which are sent out before each meditation. You may sign up for the email list by going to the Contact page; either email or call to be added to the list or to receive any other information. You might want to connect with Layne on Facebook too.

Private meditation instruction sessions with Layne are also available. You will receive personal meditation instruction and guidance in a one hour session. Introductory meditation sessions for beginning meditators are offered at a reduced rate. Please call or email for information.

Layne is also available to lead meditation groups in other locations. If you are interested in having Layne lead a meditation or meditation workshop, visit the Contact page and send an email or call for more information.