Layne Russell is the founder of High Mountain Wind.  Layne Ashta, or Ashta, as she is affectionately called, teaches meditation, offers spiritual consultation, and with her love and energy inspires and heals. 

Layne has been teaching meditation and spirituality, mostly undercover, for over thirty years.  She has come out of the closet and is available for classes and individual sessions.  Layne Ashta offers gentle, loving, healing assistance in deepening awareness of Living Presence and in assisting and inspiring people to live fully their precious lives.

Layne Ashta Russell began her regular meditation practice in 1970 while living in Vancouver, BC.  Her teachers include Ram Dass, Tibetan Buddhist lamas, Hilda Charlton, Sathya Sai Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, and others.  Some of her guidance and inspiration occurs with teachers and guides on inner planes.  In 1972 she died and dissolved fully into light and energy and then returned.  Months later in 1972 she traveled to India. She is currently writing several books on spirituality, meditation, and her inner journey and experiences.

Layne is also a publishing poet and a songwriter. Her poetry has been published in many journals and anthologies ( http://whiteowlweb.com ). Two of her poetry books are soon to be published: “Last Vist” and “Into the Dark Mountain.” Layne performed her music for many years in the north San Francisco Bay Area.  She also spent many years studying and teaching post-modern improvisational dance and yoga in Vancouver, BC, New York City, Boulder, CO, and different areas of North California. 

Layne is the mother of two grown daughters and a stepson.  Her daughters also study and work in the areas of healing and transformation.  Her husband, James Russell, is a professional guitarist and also a custom guitar builder who offers his beautiful instruments through Russell Guitars ( http://russellguitars.com ).