What do you want to do with your precious life?

   Do you wish to know who you really are and what your life's purpose is?
   Do you wish to deepen your awareness of your spiritual nature?
   Do you wish to live more in harmony with life and your world?
   Do you wish to live a more spiritual, vibrant, and creative life?
   Would you like to learn to meditate or become more adept at it? 

The mission of High Mountain Wind is to provide inspiration and spiritual tools for living a conscious, vibrant, creative, and compassionate life. You are an inalienable, radiant part of the Living Presence, and it is your birthright to know this spiritual essence and identity.

Layne Russell, a spiritual teacher and a dedicated meditation practitioner for forty years, offers instruction and guidance through meditation groups, individual meditation instruction, intuitive counseling and readings, and spiritual astrology. Layne's approach offers gentle, loving guidance, practical spiritual life skills and tools, and deep spiritual inspiration.

Layne teaches that the keystone of developing an integrated, intentional spiritual life is meditation. Regular meditation practice is of paramount importance to retrain the mind in order to deepen understanding and increase awareness of Self, Source, Essence, or Presence. It doesn't matter what your term is for It. The practice of meditation is essential for the spiritual path. Layne teaches several forms of meditation incorporating various modalities and assists people in finding and honing appropriate methods for each individual. Meditation instruction and guidance is available in ongoing drop-in group sessions and also privately.

Contact High Mountain Wind for specific information regarding meditation instruction, intuitve spiritual counseling and readings, and other spiritual life skills instruction. Sessions may be conducted in person or by phone. Check the Meditation page for current meditation group dates and times in Redding, California.

High Mountain Wind

Redding, Shasta County, Northern California